My Personal Injury Story

She never hit her brakes. Since there was no loud squealing, I didn’t know what had happened when a woman, traveling at about 45 miles per hour, ran a red light and t-boned my car on the driver’s side. I do remember being trapped, unable to move. I least I remember up to the point the paramedics tried to extricate me, and I lost consciousness from the pain of being moved. Hours later, Harborview physicians diagnosed me with a pelvis fractured in three places, a fractured sacrum, and broken ribs. I thought people exaggerated the crassness of insurance companies. Yet, on my second day in the hospital, the insurance company wanted me to sign documents despite my being on a cocktail of pain medications including morphine and demerol.

When I was released from the hospital four days later, I still couldn’t walk, and had to be driven home in an ambulance. I couldn’t shower by myself, wash my hair, dress myself. In front of my lay months of painful physical therapy. But I worked hard and made an almost complete recovery.

Why Hire Me?

After what I experienced, it makes perfect sense that I would want to help others on their journey to recover from an accident. With me, Marlena Grundy, you will have an advocate who will aggressively defend you because I know how you feel and what you face on your road to recovery.

If you are severely injured, I’ll travel to meet you. I remember how difficult and painful it was to get to appointments after my accident.

How can I possibly express my gratitude? Thank you, it just does not seem enough to convey all that I felt at the end of the trial. You were relentless, you were awesome. I cannot express my gratitude. You had faith when I faltered, you had the stamina to go on when I was ready to give up. You believed in this case from the first moment we met I cannot express my infinite gratitude. You made it possible even though it was a celebration of life and not to take my mother personally. I was able to visit Philadelphia and take a tour bus ride around the liberty bell. It was a dream of my mothers to one day visit Pennsylvania state. Somehow it was just never possible but thanks to your belief and your strength you did make that possible for me and it's a trip I just recently completed. I invited two of my sisters to be with me and to celebrate our mother's passing.

I have done many good things with this blessing you helped me get. Others might think that it was a poor use of resources but I could I truly think of nothing better than to honor my mother in this manner. You made all this possible with your belief and faith you carried me throughout this ordeal.

Thank you is not enough, yes a million dollar settlement was my consolation for the injury I suffered but your dedication is what made it possible.

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